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News Item  03.27.14 Opinion  03.18.14 15 Years: 1999-2014
Judy Chicago Celebrates 75th Birthday
A prominent feminist artist of the 20th Century, Judy Chicago is turning seventy-five this year, and celebrating with a series of retrospectives, publications, and associated events scattered across the country. An Illinois native, she spent her early career in Los Angeles...  continue
Bully Dance at Boston Playwrights' Theatre
Somber music. Actors in mournful procession enter a bare stage, remove their shoes, and stare at the audience with dismally woeful expressions. The message from the onset is crystal clear: prepare yourself for a very sad hour and fifteen minutes. Bully Dance...  continue

07.07 Elusive Order
a Joseph Cornell exhibition, reviewed

02.00 A Warming Reminder
the quilted tapestries of Molly Upton

05.03 To Sit or Not to Sit
lecture on theater design, reviewed
Feature  02.16.14
Objects of Literature: encountering The Folio Society's books
Classic literature faces an unfair bias in today's world. Many people relegate great books to the shelves of high school classrooms, where they once read tattered paperbacks, listened to lectures, and wrote lengthy essays. They see mastery of the classics as a necessary gateway to education, a chore to be completed rather than an experience to be enjoyed. Superfluous to contemporary life, an artifact of a bygone era. What if readers could experience these titles in a fresh...  continue
Objects of Literature: encountering The Folio Society's books
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