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News Item  08.22.14 Opinion  05.18.14 15 Years: 1999-2014
Kevin McCann Reveals Details of Upcoming Film
The Rising

When asked about progress being made on his current film project The Rising, scheduled to be released in 2016, Irish writer/film producer Kevin McCann responded with numerous details. "We are setting out to change the way Irish people think about...  continue
In No Great Hurry:
13 Lessons in Life with
Saul Leiter

In his apartment on the Lower East Side of New York, Saul Leiter sits in a high-backed wooden chair. Wearing a small striped scarf, one-dollar bills bulging out of his shirt's breast pocket, he firmly states, "There is a charm to disorder... 

04.02 Gestural Conviction
Mark Morris Dance Group's V, reviewed

08.10 Shipyard Wreckage
a review of HarborArts Outdoor Gallery

07.06 Collective Haze
experiencing the exhibit, Twin Allegories
Feature  06.28.14
Cinematic Assembly: attending the Berkshire Int'l Film Festival
At the Berkshire International Film Festival, there are no red carpets leading to press photography shoots. No stretch limousines or swarms of interviewers eagerly waiting to interrogate big movie stars. Instead, there are intimate parties with house bands and an easy air of mingling. There are beautiful, ornate venues, like the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center in downtown Great Barrington, which hosted the opening night film and ceremony. There's also just as much...  continue
Cinematic Assembly: attending the Berkshire Int'l Film Festival
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